Driver Monitoring

The Driver Monitoring is a new system based on a camera to monitor driver alertness, that not only recognizes the driver, but also checks his or her level of vigilance. The purpose of the Driver Monitoring system is to alert the driver when signs of drowsiness or distraction are detected. Other applications for the system are also possible, such as driver identification and control functions using the eyes. These developments will contribute to heightened safety and more intuitive use of the new generation of driver assistance functions.

The vehicle is equipped with a camera built into the dashboard and aimed at the driver’s face. It allows functionalities such as :

  • Identification of the driver in order to allow the vehicle to automatically restore its preferences and settings
  • Monitor driver fatigue and alert him when potential drowsiness situation is detected
  • Monitor driver attentiveness by ensuring he’s keeping his eyes on the road and that he is aware of any dangerous situation
  • Pilot an user interface thanks to the eyes by automatically selecting HMI areas, highlight features…