Valeo's novel vision-only system brings 5-star safety and driver assistance to the end-user.

Front Camera enhances active safety and driver assistance functions, such as Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) and Traffic Jam Assist (TJA). Valeo’s latest Front Camera generation, with 100-degree field-of-view and a 1.7 Megapixel high resolution image, in production since the beginning of 2020, enables passenger cars reaching Euro NCAP 5-stars rating by vision-only technology.

As a key achievement in its ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and Automated Driving strategy, the world’s 1st camera-based-and-affordable ADAS system by Valeo supports SAE automation level 2.

The Front Camera monitors the traffic ahead, enabling the car to maintain a safe and legal speed, to stay in its lane, to keep its distance with vehicles ahead, and to react to emergencies.

  • Front Camera detects speed limit signs and informs the driver or even controls the vehicle so as not to exceed maximum speed.
  • Front Camera detects the lane marking and thus allows to keep the vehicle in its lane.
  • Front Camera detects and classifies objects such as vehicles, trucks, pedestrians, cyclists, motorbikes in order to alert the driver and prevent collision by braking the vehicle automatically.

Meet Euro NCAP standards

Valeo offers customers’ active safety functions to achieve top scores in NCAP consumer safety ratings, such as automatic emergency braking, speed limit detection and lane departure warning.

Valeo is the first to have a vision-only system on the market, compliant with 5-stars NCAP 2020 requirements. Front Camera is the master sensor for most of the Active Safety Euro NCAP tests:

  • Detection of speed limits: Speed Assist System feature in Euro NCAP
  • Detection of objects: Forward Collision Warning & AEB for Car, Pedestrians, Cyclists and Motorbikes
  • Detection of Lane Marking for Lane Support system features

Two decades of leadership

Valeo pioneered the introduction of front cameras into the mass market, starting in 2004 with Lane Departure Warning System for Nissan. This was the first series production system to use an integrated computer vision system to detect and classify white lines on the road surface, determine the path of the road and decide if the vehicle’s direction was leading to lane departure.

After a decade of Valeo-powered front camera functions, we partnered with Mobileye in 2015 to leverage their computer vision platform.

Valeo is currently the global leader in automotive cameras with more than 60 million cameras produced.