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eBike display

Last update: 18 Apr. 2024

What is an eBike display?

In the electric bicycle (eBike) world, merging sleek design with cutting-edge technology remains a top priority for riders. Existing eBikes often cater exclusively for urban or mountain biking, failing to comprehensively address the wide array of cyclists’ needs. Furthermore, as eBikes grow in market value, they become prime targets for theft, underscoring the urgent need for innovative security measures.

Valeo has stepped up with a pioneering solution that delivers cutting-edge aesthetics with functionality, all while addressing the security needs of eBike enthusiasts. This innovative solution features a stylish Human-Machine Interface (HMI) integrated with a secure, user-friendly, locking system designed specifically for eBike users.

At the heart of Valeo’s solution is a trio of components : a smart dock, a 2-inch touch display, and a remote control with a rotating throttle. This system boasts versatility and adaptability, ensuring smooth transitions between in all cycling environments / conditions. It includes multiple assembly options and a detachable display, offering flexibility in use and interaction with the eBike.

A standout feature is the smart dock’s Phone-as-a-Key technology, which secures the eBike automatically once the user moves beyond a 3-meter range. This feature capitalizes on Valeo’s extensive expertise in display and security access control technologies, delivering unmatched theft protection and convenience for riders.

In developing this elegant HMI, Valeo has carefully chosen sustainable raw materials and focused on connectivity and adaptability to meet riders’ needs. The company’s product line is scalable, starting with an entry pack that includes the smart dock and remote, and an expanded pack that adds the 2-inch touch display. This approach accommodates a broad spectrum of consumer preferences and requirements. Looking ahead, Valeo aims to introduce additional features to further enrich the user experience and explore new possibilities.

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What are Valeo eBike display benefits?

  • Versatility: removable display and multi position on handle bar
  • Phone as a Key and Display as a Key
  • Bluetooth Connectivity for Smartphone App
  • Aesthetic HMI with sustainable material

Valeo eBike display specifications

  • Remote with 5 push buttons & rotative throttle
  • Smart dock with Bluetooth connectivity / Baterry SoC with 10 leds / assistance level led colors / Phone as a Key
  • 2'' touch display: TFT module

Unique Selling Points

  • Aesthetic HMI through the selection of sustainable material, combining rider needs: connectivity and adaptability
  • Scalable product: entry pack with the smart dock and remote. Premium pack by adding the 2” touch display

Vehicle type

  • Passenger car
  • Bus
  • Robot taxi
  • Motorcycle
  • Bike
  • Droid
  • Off road

Valeo Cyclee ™ e-Bike display

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