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R-1234yf / R-744 Heat Pump Heat Exchangers

Last update: 27 Aug. 2023

What are heat pump exchangers?

A water-cooled condenser is part of a specific hot loop/cold loop thermal management architecture. It connects the cooling loop to the air conditioning system. This innovative condensers use coolant rather than air to liquefy air conditioning refrigerant vapour.

Battery cooling needs are increasing and require higher condensation performance. But a condenser needs also to work as an evaporator to recover heat from air at cold temperatures to avoid too much impact on the vehicle range.

It is a key exchanger in a heat pump loop to heat up the cabin. However, when the heat pump cannot provide enough heat, a High Voltage Coolant Heater is required.

An Internal Heat Exchanger (IHX) is sometimes added in the system to enhance its overall performance, supporting battery charging time reduction and vehicle’s range optimization, the latest IHX generation enhances the cooling power and efficiency to optimize energy consumption.

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What are heat pump exchangers benefits?

  • Energy consumption reduction and CO2 emissions compared to conventional condensers
  • Pressure fluctuations reduction in the air conditioning system
  • More space for additional components in hybrid models (no condenser required in front of the radiator)
  • Reduction of the fan power consumption by optimizing the airflow

IHX specifications

  • From 12 up to 21 mm width available

Vehicle type

  • Passenger car
  • Bus
  • Robot taxi
  • Motorcycle
  • Bike
  • Droid
  • Off road

Water Cooled AC Loop Animation

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