Entry-level 12 Volts hybrid range

Reducing vehicle CO2 emissions

Valeo offers a range of technologies to enable the electrification of a vehicle’s internal combustion engine. With Valeo’s engine hybridization solutions, the powertrain system is more efficient, performs better and emits less CO2.
Boosted by existing standards, electric hybridization is enjoying significant growth in uptake across the breadth of ranges and drive options offered by constructors.

The micro-hybridization Simple and affordable

Micro-hybridization is the first level of vehicle electrification. This entry-level hybridization range, known as the Micro-Hybrid (micro-hybridization), offers a cost-effective and simple way to significantly reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in an internal combustion engined vehicle: Stop-Start and energy recovery.

This solution comprises an additional 12 Volts lithium-ion battery and a 12 Volts starter generator (iSTARS) which includes two new functions in addition to the Stop Start function:

  • Stop-start: ultra-fast and smooth stopping and starting of the engine.
  • Recovery of braking energy, which is stored in the 12 Volts lithium-ion battery for feeding back to the on-board electrical network (supplying the vehicle’s accessories) and to the drive system for starting the vehicle.
  • Torque assist: the 12 Volts starter generator uses the recovered energy to assist the thermal engine when accelerating.
  • Fuel economy and enhanced comfort thanks to the micro-hybrid vehicle.

The advantage of the Valeo solution is its simplicity. Moderate implementation costs allow it to be integrated into an entry-level hybrid, even for existing models. The end consumer will therefore be able to obtain a hybrid vehicle, benefiting from fuel savings and improved comfort, for a very reasonable outlay.