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The Valeo site in Fischbach is the competence center for plastics processing.

The Fischbach plant is a competence center for plastics processing and is part of the Valeo Power Division. It combines over 80 injection molding machines with highly automated production and robot cells for plastic-molded metal components. Sophisticated products made of high-performance plastics for the powertrain and transmission sector are produced in large series at the site. Furthermore, processes such as plastic welding as well as testing and assembly technology are in use and the location can rely on its own toolmaking.

In addition, there are highly modern and fully automated assembly lines on site, which are located in clean rooms to maintain the technical cleanliness of the products. Innovative products for double-clutch and automatic transmissions as well as applications in the field of electric mobility are manufactured. These include gear actuator systems for electrohydraulic shift units, electric pumps for cooling electric motors, sensor technology and clutch actuators. The assembly technologies used include electronic performance testing, leak testing, laser marking and sensor teaching. In addition, the site has its own maintenance department for the care of over 850 injection molds and carries out component analyses with the aid of state-of-the-art measuring techniques.

The Fischbach site was built in 1999 and employs around 370 people from 10 nationalities. The Fischbach plant also has its own apprenticeship center.

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The focus at the site

  • High volume supplier for actuators in powertrains & transmissions (e.g. dual clutch / automatic transmissions, electric mobility)
  • Plastic overmolding of components, e.g. bushings, pins, magnets, wound stators
  • Processing of high-performance plastics (PPA, PPS, …) due to high demands on materials and surfaces
  • Repair and maintenance of more than 850 injection molds
  • Component analysis using state-of-the-art measuring technology, e.g. computer tomograph for quality assurance and process control, optical surface measuring systems
  • Apprenticeship center

Products at the site

Drive applications

  • Gear actuator systems
  • Electric pumps
  • Sensor technology

Clutch actuator technology

  • Clutch slave cylinder
  • Clutch master cylinder
  • Sensors

Injection-molded components

  • Housings for hydraulic and electromechanical actuators (gear actuator, parking lock, throttle valve, slave and master cylinders)
  • Stators and motor housings for electric pumps
  • Pistons
  • Piston rods
  • Small components
  • Housings for central releasers

Working in Fischbach

Fischbach is a district of the Lower Franconian town of Ebern in the Haßberge district. The well-preserved old town is still surrounded by large parts of its strong medieval town fortifications. A well-kept ring of grounds separates the historic ensemble from the extensive new development areas of the town expansion from the time after the Second World War. The wooded, hilly surroundings of the Haßberge district are increasingly regarded as a popular holiday and excursion area because of its hiking opportunities and numerous historical sights.

Activities at the site

Activities for employees are offered at the Fischbach site. For example, there is an annual summer party at which employees can also bring their family members. The site also offers regular company runs, in which employees can take part in person or virtually via an app and participate in sporting activities with their colleagues.

Sustainability at the site

At the end of 2023, the Fischbach site inaugurated a state-of-the-art biomass heating system. The biomass system completely replaces the previous oil heating system, which used around 115,000 litres of oil annually to heat the production halls and offices. In addition to fuel costs, the new heating system will also save 364 tonnes of CO2 per year. In a new boiler house with a storage room for wood chips or pellets, there are also two boilers, each with an output of approx. 500 kilowatts. The heat is fed into the internal heating network via a 30,000 litre hot water tank and insulated connecting pipes to the factory. The biomass can be transported from the truck to the storage room via a delivery bay with a conveyor hopper. 1500 m³ of wood chips are required annually and come from forest maintenance work in the neighbouring state forest. This ensures short distances, sustainable forestry and security of supply. CO2 neutrality is achieved because the wood stores as much carbon and solar energy during the growth process as is released during the combustion or rotting process. The plant is the first at Valeo worldwide to have a heating system that is based 100% on renewable raw materials.




Foundation and development of a worldwide competence center for plastics processing of the FTE (FTE automotive Systems GmbH) Group in Fischbach


Production start of clutch hydraulics (clutch master/slave, central release) for manual transmissions


Turned parts production and electroplating


Production of brake hydraulics


Production start of gear selector modules and engine oil pumps for dual clutch and automatic transmissions


FTE automotive Systems GmbH wins the PACE AWARD as well as the SPE GRAND INNOVATION AWARD for the gearshift module


FTE automotive Systems GmbH wins the PACE AWARD for the oil pump


Takeover by Valeo


Entry of electrification technology: Production start of plastic products for throttle valves, parking locks, head up display as well as production of electronic pumps for transmission applications and production of electrohydraulic gear actuators/internal gearsticks


Commissioning a biomass heating system for a CO2-neutral future


25th anniversary of the plant


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