Head-Up display

Valeo offers a full range of automotive Head-Up Display (HUD) systems which show information in the driver's field of vision, several meters ahead, to provide safety by limiting the driver’s distraction but also comfort.

What is the Head-Up Display?

The Head-Up Display or HUD is part of the driving assistance system which allows the driver to keep his head up, looking at the road, while having access to various information in real time.

HUD for cars, a seamless Human Machine Interface

Valeo is developing a portfolio of Head-Up Displays (HUD) for cars to facilitate daily journeys in all circumstances. The HUD shows the information directly in the driver’s field of view, giving all the important information such as speed, warning signals and intuitive guidance for navigation without looking down to a display.
The HUD helps to avoid collisions, to prevent dangerous situations, to stay in line or even creates virtual lanes. The HUD offers all these possibilities to provide the maximum comfort and safety for the people onboard.

Valeo produces 3 types of HUD:

  • Windshield HUD
    Reflection on windshield for a floating image effect
  • Combiner HUD
    Reflection on blade for a standard model valid on several vehicles
  • Augmented reality HUD 
    Projection superimposed with the real environment, called Augmented Reality (AR)

Which vehicles with Head-Up displays?

Most vehicles can integrate a head-up display in their cockpit. Head-up displays are mainly windshield mounted to provide a “floating image”. The head-up display on a reflective blade allows to be independent from the windshield; this allows a unique product for different vehicle platforms or to offer the display for certain windshield inclinations.