Lukáš Houser – Application Engineer

Lukáš Houser

Application Engineer, Automated Parking Systems, R&D center Prague

What did you do to get your current job?

Lukáš Houser – I have been working in Valeo since March 2015. I received the offer of a position on a student project as a student of the last year of master degree. This way I got to know the themes, which widened my horizons and I appreciated it. My supervisor and HR employees helped me after graduation in the selection of a full-time position. The job interview was easier, the company already knew me, it was de facto a dialogue between me and my future manager about what both parties require and offer.

How would you describe your daily job?

L. H. – Now I work as an Application Engineer. This position is intensive for travelling as you spend most of the time with the customers. Since my childhood I am a pistonhead, therefore working on the test track with car prototypes, whose preliminary sketches leak to the public and which are debated on internet, has aa graeat charm for me. This position requires a good level of foreign languages and independence. On top of the already mentioned aspects it brings a daily contact with the international environment and the possibility to immediately see tangible results of my work. The days that I spend with office work from time to time are a pleasant change.

What do you consider as your biggest success in your career at the company?

L. H. – I’m still at the beginning of my career, so it is too early to talk about the achieved milestones. My greatest achievement so far is that I am satisfied with my position. I feel good at work, I am surrounded by interesting people, work comforts me and I feel the potential in the future. I consider that I am in a long term learning process and I appreciate every new knowledge and skills that I can acquire.

How do you like the environment where you work? What would you improve or change?

L. H. – The work environment is generally informal. The Prague R&D center is full of foreigners, team members are from different parts of the world. Talking English is completely natural for everybody. The management paid a lot of attention when constructing the new premises in Praha Strašnice in order to improve well-being for the employees.

Do you see further opportunities for career growth within the company?

L. H. – Valeo is a big multinational company focused on the automotive industry. This means not only a wide range of products and wide range of professions, but also opportunities for personal development. In such an environment, I can see great potential for growth within the company, whether I decide to take the career path of a technical expert, a managerial path or another path that I will still discover.