Innovation / Products & Technology | 8 Jan, 2019 | 3 min
  • #AutonomousVehicle

Valeo Drive4U® Remote: world premiere test track demonstration at CES

At CES 2019, Valeo demonstrates its unique remote-control solution Valeo Drive4U® Remote to enhance the safety of autonomous vehicles.

According to a recent study by the US Department of Transportation, at the end of 2017, 94% of all traffic accidents were due to human behavior. Autonomous driving is a key to avoid these accidents thanks to its safe and unalterable systems that respect traffic laws and other drivers. As an expert in autonomous driving and connectivity, Valeo innovates to achieve higher levels of safety than in aeronautics. At CES 2019 the group is offering a test-track demonstration of Valeo Drive4U® Remote.

This unique solution allows an operator to take control of an autonomous vehicle remotely and teleoperate it in case of an unprecedented situation, such as a sudden change of weather conditions or a health problem. This new, protected and secure feature will facilitate the emergence of new services such as fleet management, automatic valet parking or remote assistance of autonomous shuttles.

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