Valeo Group | 11 Mar, 2021 | 2 min

Completion of the transformation of Valeo into a European Company (Société Européenne)

Paris, March 11 2021 – The transformation of Valeo into a European Company (Société Européenne), as approved by the Board of directors of Valeo of 20 February 2020 and the General Shareholders’ Meeting of 25 June 2020, took effect on 9 March 2021, which is the date of Valeo’s registration as a European Company with the Trade and Companies Register.

This new legal form better reflects the group’s European dimension with regard to all stakeholders, in particular its employees and customers. In this context, an agreement to organize the involvement of the employees in the company under its new legal form of European Company was concluded on 28 January 2021.

Valeo continues to be governed by French law. This change of legal form does not affect its place of listing nor its governance. Its headquarters remain located in Paris.