Šárka Hasalová – Operator on the assembly line

Šárka Hasalová

Operator on the assembly line, Žebrák production plant

Šárka works as an operator on the APU assembly in Valeo for 5 years. Despite the fact that she taught in the field of chef-waiter and she graduated from community college in business, she decided to apply for a job in Valeo, because she knew the industrial zone in Žebrák. After passing the interview with the supervisor, she was taken on the position of the operator assembly on the line 6 – stacking the blocks. She changed twice the production line, from the line 6 to line 5, where the product “Desiree” is produced. Currently she works on the line for the products “Lucie”.

Her work lies in the creation of components into the machine tube assembly and transport of the blocks in baskets to the assembly of the machine core assembly. She admits that the pace of work is sometimes hectic, but she enjoys the work thanks to the great work of the team. She also highlights the corporate benefits, such as an annual increase in salary, incentive in the form of vouchers twice a year, the opportunity to obtain allowances and the opportunity to engage in knowledge-based competition with a reward in the form of cash vouchers.