Silvia Knapíková – Teamleader

Silvia Knapíková

Teamleader of operators, Rakovník production plant

How did you find out about job opportunities in Valeo?

Silvia Knapíková – About the possibility to work in Valeo I found out from a classmate from high school.

What did you have to fulfill to get the current position? What was the recruitment process?

S. K. – The position of teamleader was available, on which I am now, actually there was no need to meet any special requirements, tests of skill or something like that. It was enough to show that a person is interested in a job and can exercise it.

Which production line do you lead and what exactly is your goal?

S. K. – I work on the line 80, on the project CMF1 on the position of the teamleader. I am responsible for the quality of my products and also for the quality of production on my shift.

How do you like the environment where you work?

S. K. – Due to the fact that I’m already in Valeo nine years, the environment is close to my heart. But around me I hear that newcomers like us very much, and they like, that everything has its place. Relationships at work are good, the supervisor is trying to accommodate to us and problems are solved right away.

What are the benefits of working in Valeo?

S. K. – I am satisfied with the salary and other remuneration like shares or vouchers for sport. I appreciate that we have 30 days of paid holidays. If a person is able and has interest in the work, he or she may find a stable job here.

Can you see area for your career growth in the company?

S. K. – There is area for a career growth. I know cases when someone grew from teamleader to supervisor. Me personally, I am satisfied with my position and I’m not interested to change anything at this point.