Diana Drakslová – Teamleader

Diana Drakslová

Teamleader, APU Assembly, Žebrák production plant

Diana works for Valeo 1.5 years. She joined the APU assembly at the workplace of the tube assembly, where she worked three months and then received the opportunity to move to a more complex workplace, the core assembly. Approximately after a year she became a teamleader. Her task is to lead a team of people, motivate them and encourage them to perform the work goals set. As the teamleader she must assign the operators to their specific position for the day, giving them a form – a SCYTHE, reaction limits, 5S cleaning and release to production.

In her responsibilities is also every hour to inform the master of the production of the results lines, to oversee the running of the machines and in case of failure to solve the malfunction of the machine and ensure the training of operators. She likes the position of teamleader, because she likes communication with people and also because each day is different and brings new opportunities to improve her skills and knowledge.