Valeo Group | 19 Apr, 2017 | 5 min
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Valeo at Auto Shanghai 2017

Valeo at Auto Shanghai 2017 

Valeo, a world leader in CO2 emissions reduction and intuitive driving, is presenting 14 new products at the 17th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (Auto Shanghai 2017):

  • Three powertrain electrification systems that reduce pollutant emissions.
  • Two demonstrations and artificial intelligence (AI) systems designed to accelerate the development of automated driving.
  • Four safety-enhancing lighting and sensor cleaning devices.
  • Two filters and a sensor to ensure a healthy cabin environment.
  • Three thermal systems that simultaneously keep the car cabin at a comfortable temperature while maintaining the batteries at an ideal operating temperature.

Serving powertrain electrification, automated and connected car as well as new mobility services segments, these innovations once again demonstrate Valeo’s remarkable ability to leverage growth opportunities across the auto industry.

I – Valeo at auto Shanghai 2017

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III – The autonomous car revolution: artificial intelligence as integral
to Valeo’s system

IV – See and be seen more clearly: a key safety challenge

V – Valeo in China

VI – Valeo’s innovation strategy