Thermal Management Coolant System

Brushless Cooling Fan System

Last update: 29 Aug. 2023

What is a Brushless Cooling Fan System?

As part of the engine cooling system, fan systems include a fan system motor, a blade and a shroud.

Electrification and new ICE require greater fan system power and therefore higher energy consumption that generate higher noise levels.

Blade and shroud design have been improved to optimize acoustics and efficiency whilst light and compact brushless motors provide maximum airflow at minimized noise levels for powertrain/battery cooling, with best-in-class efficiency.


What are our cooling fan systems benefits?

  • Fan system efficiency: up to 45% improvement
  • Noise reduction: up to -4 dB(A)
  • Brushless motor technology for continuous speed control
  • Quiet and high-efficiency fan operation
  • Durability and robustness with regards to environment

Valeo electric cooling fan specifications

  • Axial Packaging:
    75 mm to 100 mm
  • Aeraulic Power Range:
    80 W to > 340 W
  • Electrical Power Range:
    200 W to > 850 W
  • Fan Diameter Range:
    300 mm to 600 mm
  • 45%

    Custom-designed blades to optimize the fan system efficiency up to 45%

  • 4 dB(A)

    Valeo unique blade design and acoustic features to decrease noise by 4 dB(A)

  • Valeo in-house light (<2kg), compact (118 ext diameter) and efficient brushless motor range (350-740W)

Vehicle type

  • Passenger car
  • Bus
  • Robot taxi
  • Motorcycle
  • Droid
  • Off road

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