Valeo Group | 4 Jan, 2019 | 2 min
  • #OpenInnovation

Mov’InBlue and car-sharing platform Drivy enter into a technological partnership to speed up the development of self-service car-sharing offers

Paris, January, 4th 2019 – Mov’InBlue, a smart digital mobility solution, created by Valeo and Capgemini, that specializes in digital mobility services for corporate fleets and car rental companies, and Drivy, Europe’s leading car-sharing platform, today announce the launch of a connected and interoperable shared mobility solution. Thanks to this solution, fleet managers will be able to make their vehicles available for self-service car-sharing on the Drivy platform.

The turnkey solution gives all professional organizations with a fleet of vehicles the opportunity to enter the smartphone-based car-sharing market with zero outlay. This includes traditional car rental companies as well as businesses and local authorities that have a vehicle fleet at their disposal and companies looking to diversify into car-sharing services. When integrated with the Drivy platform, the Mov’InBlue solution makes it possible to share vehicles from any fleet with Drivy’s community of 2.5 million users, enabling fleet managers to optimize vehicle use and providing them with an additional source of revenue.

“Valeo is very pleased to play a part in the development of Drivy – a key player in city car-sharing – thanks to the unique technology and industrial capability of Mov’InBlue,” says Marc Vrecko, President of Valeo’s Comfort and Driving Assistance Systems Business Group. “Whether for private or for professional use, we are convinced that there will be a shift toward more and more fleet and car-sharing. We will have to optimize vehicle use in order to reduce their economic cost, but also their environmental cost. Tomorrow’s end-to-end system offers will make mobility a seamless and pleasant experience. With Mov’InBlue and by partnering Drivy, we are making that an achievable target for all automotive industry professionals.”

“We are delighted to be working with a world-class and innovative automotive supplier like Valeo,” adds Paulin Dementhon, founder and Chairman and CEO of Drivy. “At a time when car-sharing services have soared and are a driver for growth across the entire automotive value chain, we will be able to speed up the integration of rental companies and corporate fleet operators on our platform and diversify into other models beyond the dedicated Drivy fleets, which have enjoyed strong growth in the last two years. By integrating the Mov’InBlue solution, we will be able to significantly boost growth for our Drivy Open self-service fleet from the start of 2019 in the shared mobility segment, and offer an even more reliable and widespread car-sharing service for our community of 2.5 million users.”