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Powertrain systems

The Powertrain Systems Business Group develops and manufactures innovative powertrain solutions designed to reduce CO₂ emissions and fuel consumption, without compromising driving performance or pleasure. These innovations revolve around three approaches designed to meet and anticipate global market trends:

  1. Electrification – from the optimization of internal combustion engines to varying levels of vehicle electrification, such as the Stop-Start system – a Valeo pioneer innovation.
  2. Transmissions automation in gearboxes – improves driver comfort when switching from manual to dual clutch transmission.
  3. Clean engine approach – developing solutions that make engines cleaner and aim to reduce energy consumption.


Key Figures
at end 2016

€4.0 bn

in sales / 24% Group's sales




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Xavier Dupont
Powertrain Systems Business Group President

We develop smart solutions in terms of electrification, automated transmissions and clean engines for vehicles, enabling us to lead the mobility revolution and anticipate future market trends in the automotive industry.



Valeo offers numerous and customizable solutions for all levels of car electrification and vehicle user segments, from low voltage for mild hybrid electrification to high voltage for full electric driving. The latter is managed by the Valeo Siemens eAutomotive joint venture.


12V – 48V – Affordable solutions for volume segments

Beyond 60V – High voltage, high-end solutions
(managed by the Valeo Siemens eAutomotive joint venture)

Transmissions Automation

Transmission automation is a growing global trend with technologies like automatic transmissions, automated manual transmissions and dual clutch transmissions.

Valeo, an innovative pioneer in this field, offers several product ranges enabling the automation of transmissions to reduce fuel consumption and improve driving comfort.

Range of clutches for different automated gearboxes

Actuators’ range

Actuators allow the movement or the control of a mechanism or system. Valeo has an actuator range for electric current and hydraulic fluid pressure. Valeo’s actuators (e-clutch, Clutch Master Cylinder, Clutch Slave Cylinder) allow the reduction of mechanical and thermal losses while maintaining a low current.


Clean engines approach

This approach specializes in efficient solutions like air circuit management for air intake and exhaust that reduce CO₂ and gas emissions, while enhancing the driving experience and engine performance.