Unintentional lane departures are often the cause of dangerous situations and accidents. Valeo’s LaneGuide® helps avoid these situations by alerting the driver before the vehicle crosses the line, and even by gently bringing it back into the correct lane.

The system uses a compact camera based on Mobileye EyeQ® technology, located behind the interior rearview mirror, on the windshield. This camera can also perform a number of other impressive functions. In addition to the LaneGuide® feature, it can interpret road signs, and even warn the driver when the distance between the vehicle and the one in front becomes critical.

The camera can identify various road markings, continuous and dotted, whether the road is straight or curved. Once the road markings have been detected, the system constantly monitors the position of the vehicle’s side in relation to the road.

The system operates in all light levels and weather conditions, day and night, thanks to the sensitivity and adaptability of the camera’s CMOS technology.

Valeo lane guide
LaneGuide® is an automotive technology from Valeo’s Comfort and Driving Assistance business group, which ensures that drivers stay in the correct lane.
Valeo lane guide product
Valeo Laneguide