Reinvent life on board to enhance the driving experience

Connected and increasingly autonomous, vehicles can now become spaces for new experiences. Valeo is well positioned in the field of human-machine interface design in the automotive sector. We develop innovative technologies and solutions, enabling the reinvention of life inside the cabin for an ever more intuitive, safer, more comfortable, and more personalised experience.

The car, a new personalised cocoon

A connected space, the vehicle, either individually owned or increasingly shared or rented, is gradually becoming an extension of the home, for the driver as well as passengers. Users increasingly want it to feel like a home and see it as a personal cocoon, a bubble, where they feel safe and relaxed and can stay in touch with their loved ones and their environment.

The market for reinventing life on board will therefore grow significantly in the years to come, with around 10% average annual growth between now and 2025. By 2030, 90% of new cars will be connected. From access and start systems via smartphones to long-range connectivity, from the most sophisticated human-machine interfaces to systems offering new means of communication and on-board entertainment, Valeo already offers a full range of solutions. For example, our head-up display technologies and intelligent interactive surfaces help drivers easily and intuitively interact with the vehicle while remaining focused on the road.

Passengers expect more and more from their car, they want to feel in a kind of personal cocoon where they are both at home and safe,said Christophe Périllat

Automation to facilitate driving

The Interior Cocoon, for example, notably improves safety thanks to a driver alertness detection system.

Our Driver Monitoring system is a new camera-based technology that analyses the driver’s facial expressions using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to check their alertness, detect if they are distracted or drowsy and warn them if necessary. The system does not just recognise drivers and passengers: its life presence detection system can signal if a child or an animal has been left unattended in the vehicle.

In-vehicle interactive surfaces such as touchscreens also enhance the driving experience and are shaping the future of smarter mobility, enabling the use of an increasing number of functions for smooth and intuitive interactions with the vehicle.

Our Smart Cocoon is a system offering a bubble of customised thermal comfort adapted to each passenger according to their physiology and their needs.

Creating immersive experiences

Going even further, our Voyage XR technology enables new immersive experiences. Thanks to the wide range of technologies we have developed (cameras, sensors, telematics, human-machine interface, etc.), Valeo Voyage XR allows you to take your loved ones on board with you virtually. This technology can create the illusion that a person of your choice, located outside the vehicle, is by your side. You can hear them, see them, share content with them, as if you were passing them a smartphone or tablet. You can see the virtual passenger pointing at the landscape and share some of the journey with them. The passenger avatar appears in the rear-view mirror, and the latter can enjoy this immersive experience remotely thanks to a helmet and virtual reality joysticks.

Valeo Voyage XR opens the door to a new world of in-vehicle communications and experiences. In addition to the immersive aspect of the experience, Voyage XR can make it possible to know precisely what is happening inside the vehicle, especially if an autonomous vehicle is remote teleoperated.

This reinvention of life on board will allow a redefinition of driving: the vehicle moving from a simple mode of transport to a place for entertainment, work, communication.